Stress Congress 2022


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On October 8, 2022, the work of the 5th online edition of Stress Congress 2022 was completed, with the theme: "Stress, multidisciplinary challenge in the new medical, social, economic and military paradigms" - a national event with international participation, organized annually under the High Patronage of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila" Bucharest, in collaboration with the Ana Aslan International Foundation.



  • 3 days of congress (6-8.10.2022), with over 24 hours dedicated to the multidisciplinary analysis of stress, including from the perspective of capitalizing on the results of scientific research and innovation;
  • More than 60 Romanian and international lecturers from various specialties and areas of expertise;
  • More than 500 participants: doctors from various specialties, psychologists, students, pharmacists, nurses and other interested persons;
  • Interdisciplinary approach to stress and a complex program of excellence, structured in 17 panels, three round tables, a webinar/hackathon, an e-poster contest for doctors/researchers:
  • 3 round tables aiming at: Geopolitical and health context in stress management and public policies, CBD: innovative approaches in stress management and contradictions; The importance of medical recovery.
  • 17 panels, which ensured the correlation between stress and various pathologies, between medicine, psychology, scientific research, innovation, including the new medical, social, economic and military paradigms, with themes regarding: stress, in the new socio-medical paradigms, stress in the new military paradigms, stress, in the new medical paradigms, oncological stress, post Covid stress state, classic and alternative perspectives in dealing with stress, the importance of health workers in the long-term care of older adults, specific stress in different medical specialties, recovery medical and its importance for quality of life and longevity, stress in neuroendocrinology;
  • special session dedicated to scientific research, in which information of interest, funding opportunities, difficulties, including proposals for improving procedures, best practices, ongoing research programs, etc. were presented, including a hackathon with news and best practices in research, the presentation of fundamental and applied research results being a source of scientific progress and dynamics;
    • An e-poster competition for doctors/researchers, with 5 winning doctors/researchers with e-posters on:
    • The use of Machine Learning in the early detection of psychiatric symptoms in Parkinson's disease;
    • Drug hypersensitivity reactions in older adults: diagnostic and therapeutic features;
    • Stress as a challenge among medical personnel in a pandemic and military context;
    • Stamina - intelligent support for stress management in the pandemic;
    • The impact of professional stress in triggering cognitive disorders;
    • The impact of physical activity on the intestinal microbiota with implications in the healthy aging process.
  • A framework for ensuring the expression of the vision, performance and cooperation of the university/academic community, with professionals involved in the medical field, in scientific research and in innovation, including the coordinated, persistent and, above all, sustainable effort to corroborate novelties and good practices in these fields at national, European and international level, which contributed to increasing the scientific and educational value of the event and strengthened the relational, cross-border cooperation component of health and research professionals;
  • An open platform for dialogue and for the promotion of values and in-depth knowledge, verified information, in a constructive form and academic freedom, inducing excellence and a synergistic effort, for a sustainable future in the field of education, medicine, scientific research, innovation, in the context of new medical/social paradigms.

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